We deliver Industry Standard IT services to multiple organizations and helped them grow to their vision.

Technology & Partners:


Why Pinakin?

Pinakin IT is built on experience which helped us to manage high-security platforms that are required in running a business with layers of security. This provides confidence to People who run the business.

With us, you can build your infrastructure that can support your business and reduce your risk of losing business & improve your productivity.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Delight

We believe in long-term relations with the client by delivering scoped services in a timely manner which ultimately creates more opportunities on either side.

Client Focussed

A client-focused company has more innovations & problem-solving experience compared to others. This helps us to understand the business requirements and design the best-fit solutions.

Custom Solutions

Customized solution offers more flexibility to our customers, they just tell us their needs and we meet all their expectations.


Embedded Tools

Customers get access to various tools like Project Management, Service Desk, Remote Assistance, & Meetings for better tracking over work.