System Administration

System Administrator is responsible to manage a server or a system and works under IT Department. This applies the same in Windows, Linux & other platforms. A system Admin monitors & allocates system resources like disk storage, backups & manages user access. System Administrator develops LANs, WANs to connect the computers digitally. System admin helps in the smooth functioning of IT infrastructure.

System Administrator Certifications

System Administrators in our team have done multiple certifications and each of them is having its own specialization in a field. Some of the certifications which are acquired by our Team members are

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA).
  • AWS Solution Architect
  • ITIL certification
  • Vulnerability scanner and remediation certification
  • O365 and Azure certification
  • SCCM Administrator

Why Choose Us?

Pinakin IT has been made by industry leaders who have more than 15+ years of experience in Managed IT. With us, you can rely on every issue that comes in your IT infrastructure.

Few reasons to hire us

  1. Problem Solving Skills: people with us are skilled in detecting issues & resolving them. With years of experience, these skills have grown to excellence that made us industry leaders.
  2. Writing Skills: Writing skills help in reporting & handling an issue especially when we need to coordinate with other organization’s staff to resolve an issue. Providing the right documentation to the person on the other end helps in making clear communication & appropriate action in the same.
  3. Communication Skills: A technical person who works in a system admin profile needs to communicate with the staff. This communication helps in resolving an issue with joint efforts from both sides. This can be only be done, when the person is providing clear instructions to the staff while working.

Services offered that are categorized based on various platform

Windows Administration 

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Windows Patching
  • Server Administration

Linux Administration 

  1. Server Hardening
  2. Patching/ Patch management
  3. NFS & SAMBA share
  4. SSH with the public key
  5. Yum server
  6. NIS server and client management
  7. LVM, RAID management


  • XenApp deployment and administration
  • Application virtualization
  • ( Xilinx, Minitab, Mathematica) virtualization
  • RDP access through Citrix


  1. VMware Cloud on AWS
  2. Cloud Director service
  3. CloudHealth by VMware
  4. vRealize Operations Cloud
  5. vRealize Operations SaaS
  6. vRealize Operations Infographic
  7. VMWare in AWS

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