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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Service Provider is a third-party service provider that acts as an extension for administration & management responsibilities.  

We offer the following Managed IT Services.


An increase in demand is generally seen to install new technology which helps in competitive advantage and growth with a limited budget. Managed Service provider helps in getting advanced technologies to the small organization.

How an MSP can help you?

Improves Business Efficiency 

With your growing business needs, your IT infrastructure needs to be updated. With your existing IT team, workload increases, and management tries to put some work on non-IT staff too. This approach leads to distraction from core business objectives. 

With Managed services, your staff is more focused on their core job responsibilities. We at Pinakin provide a flexible service model that determines the level of services you require which may be few tech experts or the entire IT department. 

Hiring Experts Easily 

Newer technology brings new problems which may or may not be solved by your existing team. Even if your team has enough experience, you still need to manage them on some level. 

In such a case, Managed services act as a one-stop-shop for your IT solutions regardless of any technology you are working on. Managed IT Service helps in coping up from all the processes of managing your tech. 

Pinakin offers services to hire an entire team of IT people on flexible hours or some customized solutions depending upon your projects. This helps you to hire an outsourcing staff according to your organization’s needs. 

Predictable Costs 

Working on various technology requires trained staff that are found after a good investment. Acquiring skills on a scalable basis is very compelling, which is why we provide a hybrid model of onshore & offshore resources to lower the costs & exposure to more resources. 

An MSP helps you to shift your business model from a capital expense model to an operating expense model. This helps you in saving some percent of your budget and reinvest back for your business.  

Scale up or Down as Needed

Technology and business change over time, where you need to scale your systems up or down in your business needs. MSP can make such changes in real-time, so you do not need to worry about downtime. 

With Pinakin, you can find out the best IT professionals & consultants to get advanced services like monitoring, upgrades, reporting & scalability.  

What to Look in an MSP

How to select an MSP for your business needs. Characteristics of an ideal MSP are   

  1. Flexible service model
  2. Partners with various technology leaders & cloud service providers.
  3. These partners equip an MSP for better solutions, data assessments, and ticketing tools. 
  4. Having a team of expert IT consultants
  5. Powered with advanced tech & services.
  6. Support various time zones. 
  7. Has remote monitoring & management for proactive maintenance
  8. Strategies for backup & disaster recovery 

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